Argalà, in the Occitan dialect of Roccavione (a small town in Piedmont, North West Italy, near the French border and the French Riviera) means satisfied. It is not an ordinary satisfaction, though, but almost a peace of mind. Being argalà means being happy, with a well set table and friends whom to toast with.

Argalà was officially born in 2011, with the production of the first Italian artisanal pastis.
Maybe our idea was already waiting for us.
Enrico, born in 1983, inherited the tradition of the “Giordana Distillery”of Roccavione, founded by his grandfather and closed down shortly before his birth.
Piero, his classmate, used to spend his summer holidays by his grandfather in Grenoble, in the French Alps, and he recalls accompanying him at the local bistrot to drink a pastis, after shopping at the local market.
The production and processing of food and beverages have always been our passion, because we have never considered them as a mere nourishment but as an experience to live.
We grew up in a small village, where the teacher taught us how to make cheese, in the classroom, where the vegetables we ate were usually grown in our gardens and where we often came back from our walks in the woods with a basket full of mushrooms.
The kitchen is the core of family life and it was here where, in 2005, we started producing our liqueurs. Our recipes were developed at home, during the long evenings spent in tastings and testings with friends and relatives. In 2011 all those experiments became a real job opportunity.
In our laboratory we improved the knowledge and the techniques, never forgetting, though, our history and our territory: the Maritime Alps.

The choice of raw materials is of paramount importance to us.

We use first quality ingredients because we believe that only using the best can you produce excellence.
Processings are slow, without shortcuts such as flavourings, colourings, essences and stabilizers.

We produce our liqueurs with the same “homemade” approach that we used at our beginnings and we are proud of it.